From the 1st National Sculpture Competition Application Exhibition

planning to examination

Jiro Iwaki

  Traditionally, only the sculptures that were traditionally introduced as supplementary views of the painting department at art exhibitions were made publicly available, and the works were limited to outdoor sculptures that could withstand the outdoors. Whether or not Japan has left Tokyo as a local city and whether the first double-triple attempt in Japan will succeed, as a person involved in everything from planning planning to examination and opening, together with other stakeholders If anything, it was hard work.

  For the convenience of the applicants, we first divided the place of delivery into Tokyo and two places on the site, and conducted a preliminary examination of the items brought into Tokyo on August 20, at the premises of the Ube Industries Cement Packaging Factory in Shibaura, Tokyo. The number of points brought in was 80, and the number of applicants was 57. The quality was higher than expected, and the first thing to do was to open the eyes. We picked up 32 works from 20 people, and immediately loaded them on a cement tanker ship and transported them to the local venue by sea.

  The works brought into the western Japan area were judged at the local venue on September 9, 42 points, 4 points out of 38 applicants, 4 people passed. A final examination was conducted in conjunction with the previous Tokyo minutes, and in the end, a total of 122 points, 34 points out of 95 applicants, 23 writers won the prize.

  Next, when the judges selected candidates for award, eight people including Oda, Haruji Shimizu, Eisaku Tanaka, Hiroshi Ogawa, Hajime Togashi, Tadae Shimada, Masatoshi Tamaki, and Takeshi Tsuchiya. From these, candidates for the Kosan Grand Prize were narrowed down to Shimizu, Ogawa, and Togashi. Although there were merits and demerits of each, as a result of the consultation, the originality of Shimizu’s work and the “youth” implying the possibility of growth were recognized, and all were united to win the grand prize, Ube City Prize Ogawa, Sculpture every day The encouragement award was decided without any objection to Togashi. However, because the majority of the 5 candidates who were candidates for award were valuable and should be awarded, with the consent of the organizer, the Ube Open Air Sculpture Museum Award, Mayor Ube Award, Mr. U’s award was set and presented as follows.

   Kamakura Museum of Modern Art Tadae Shimada

   Yawata Art and Crafts Museum Award Eisaku Tanaka Prize for

   Ube City Open-air Sculpture Museum Prize for

   Mayor Oda Ube Mayor Takeshi Uetani

   Prize Masatoshi Tamaki

   Prize for Open-air Sculpture Museum Ube City Kazuhiro Miyakawa When

  you look back on the impressions The place where the presentation was made mainly came from a limited space such as an art museum or a gallery, and therefore, there were many flavored and pictorial processes that calculated the effect of such a place. I was keenly aware that the small arts are completely powerless when placed in a vast space without obstruction, and that the sculptural strength of the sculpture is the decisive factor in the battle toward the endless space. It should be added that this has nothing to do with the size of the work. Next, we divided the shipping sites into Tokyo and Ube, but the parts of western Japan were inferior in quality to those of eastern Japan. It appears as a result of the examination that only 4 applicants were selected from 38 applicants in western Japan, especially 1 person in the west of Osaka, only 1 point, but this is also considered as a difference in the density of the sculptor population. ..

  Finally, 80% of the works brought in as outdoor sculptures were abstract, and the ages of the selected artists were mostly in their 20s and 30s. I would like to point out that in the direction of, the excellent artists are born from the thickness of that layer.

  This exhibition, which is no exaggeration to say that it was the first attempt in the history of Japanese art, was a success with a good number of entries and qualitative standards.