4th Contemporary Japanese Sculpture Exhibition

Ties to the material

Kiichi Sumikawa

  Modern sculpture not only traces the roots of a fixed concept assembled on the established technique of carving wood and stones and carving it with clay, but also overcomes it and changes its orientation. It’s been quite a while since I started developing and trying to feel the relationship between my idea and the material vividly on my skin.

  While embracing the full potential of complex and multi-faceted development, in which all materials (technologies) created by human wisdom, including natural substances, are drawn into our thoughts and shaped, there are many new values. A certain shape is born.

  Not only the formal problem of using materials effectively, but also the relationship between materials and the inevitability of creation that I want to make, in other words, the relationship between humans and materials. Starting from, we are going to seek deeper, experiment, and recognize.

  In the vast flow of social mechanism, it seems that one micro individual thinks about the connection with the material, but it is not unreasonable because it is not bound by established concepts and forms. It seems that interacting with materials with a free spirit and touching the earth is the root of humanity and one of the cores of creation.

  This 4th Contemporary Japanese Sculpture Exhibition is planned as an exhibition “with reinforced plastics”. The material called reinforced plastics (FRP) is made of various materials by combining different materials (glass fiber with high tensile strength and unsaturated polyester resin with high affinity). It has a higher possibility of being molded, and it can be said that FRP is like plastic reinforced concrete. (From Reinforced Plastics Association Material No.43-1)

  As a method, it is common to use the characteristics of resin that can be molded at room temperature and no pressure, and to make it by sequentially stacking it in a mold, but it is a new method that takes advantage of the composition with other materials and the advantages and disadvantages of materials. Experimental expressions are used.

  Writers with different thoughts challenge this material by trial and error, inputting energy, conquering the material toward the form that they are aiming for, and the created form is only It will be replaced by something that has a new meaning, not as a material, and will be sharply cut off or connected, bound, cursed, breathing into the outdoor environment and permeating the poems of each space.