The 15th Contemporary Japanese Sculpture Exhibition

Preface to the first 15 Contemporary Japanese Sculpture Exhibition

Noriaki Kawakita

Ube’s historic contemporary Japanese sculpture exhibition has also reached its 15th exhibition, and it is grandly opened with the theme of “Sho”, which has a future-oriented theme. The memorial publication “Sculpture of Ube”, which was published in March of this year, naturally included the development of this historic exhibition, and I was deeply moved by the people involved with it. It seems that autumn should come even higher on such a foundation.

  Recently, in connection with the establishment of a new foundation, I mentioned the following. In summary, the 20th century is the era of modern culture, and during the development and maturation of the 20th century, it was the 1990s that gradually brought many global merits and demerits to the surface. The 21st century has come to the point where it has no choice but to search for a new way to overcome and overcome it. Our task is to deal with the current situation on the earth left by the merits and demerits of this modern age and how to establish a new path.

  Then, I made the following recommendations. What I feel through the dismantling of the Soviet Union, the end of the Cold War balance, the search for the European Union, the ethnic quarrels of various places, and so on, in my opinion, is a new awareness of “segregation” culture. It is a matter of reflexive construction of “expansion” culture. In the modern culture of the 20th century, a part of the force pushed science branching into economic development was relentlessly reflected. It was a blind “expansion” era, and many changes took place depending on whether it was destroyed, compromised, or rebelled by the flow. The flow of Japan’s civilization since its inception is just one such special case. The modern art of Japan, which was born and raised in it, should be considered as an example of such shades. The first point that should be reminded of the future direction is the relentless follow-up of the so-called nominal international culture of “expansion” culture, and it is natural that it is meaningless, but at the same time, it is important that It is to establish the deep foundation of one’s “segregation” culture that should be the center of true culture and art. Without its deep rooted co-existence, the course of the 21st century would be overlooked and dangerous. For the global construction of the new century, it is very dangerous to proceed with the construction without establishing a deep root by coexistence of various races. The talent of the literary arts wants to seek this old and new deep root.

  Roughly speaking, I requested such an annotation from a newly established foundation.

  This commentary is also my own desire for Japanese arts today, that is, at the end of the 20th century. It is also my hope for each nation, each group, and each kind of herd with the identities that should correspond to the New Earth era of the 21st century. Without the new pumping up of the power of “separation” and the new device for the coexistence “expansion of life”, we cannot expect the new century to be celebrated. I think that you, the artists who usually use intuition more than ordinary people, are the most suitable to challenge this challenge. It is desirable that the work be born from the thoughts and actions involved in the challenge. The work thus created must naturally play a role of suggesting and inducing the human beings who will live in the new century, their rhythms and sensibilities. This is the greatest privilege of art in society, its effect, and the essential reason for its existence.

  Ube’s contemporary sculpture exhibition, which seems to have established one of Japan’s 20th century eras in its historic history, must be motivated and succeeded by the successor generation. It was a pity that the good publication “Utsu no sculpture” was only commemorated as an epilogue of 20th century sculpture. At the same time, it should contain good suggestions and connections to the prologue of the 21st century.

  Lastly, the exhibiting authors and the related authorities cannot help but pray for a good fight after further self-love. As mentioned above, we would like to congratulate you on the occasion of the 15th exhibition by stating your own findings.