The 15th Contemporary Japanese Sculpture Exhibition

Landscape Architect-Aya of Words-

Akira Sasaki

Personally, I had the opportunity to live in the US for several years when I was young. Perhaps I learned it at that time, but I am very concerned about the use of words, especially English and Japanese. The remasters, general contractors, bodycon, and other places where English is shortened to 3 or 4 letters in the Japanese style are masterpieces.

   I think it was around 1973, but there was a museum in Auckland near San Francisco designed by Kevin Roach and John Dinkru, and I went there for a tour.

  The museum is located beside the merit lake, which is also a jogging track and is not so large, with a clear view of the opposite bank. It looks like a temple in Maya Inca, with a garden on the top and an art museum in the basement. (If you want an architectural understanding, I recommend reading Peter Papadémetrio’s commentary.)

  The person who planted this plant was Dan Killy, a landscape architect in Auckland.

  It was at this time that I came into contact with new words. (I intended to study architecture history, structure, laws, and city planning uniformly when I was a student…)

  ▽Landscape Architect ▽My profession was architectural design and became an architect in English translation ing. The landscape can be translated into a garden or landscape, but the architect thought the Japanese translation would not work. The arche is the highest and the highest, the tect is technology, and it seems to be a carpenter’s master beam in the old days. It seems to be called an architect these days, but when it is combined with the landscape, it becomes a landscaping architect, and it becomes a clumsy word. It is better for the architect to be the architect than for the architect to be the architect, and the landscape architect is the landscape architect and the architect is the architect.

  Since then, I have introduced myself to the architect with my profession. I learned that I was a designer in Chinese when I worked in Taiwan later…

  Knowing Dan Killy was also a time when it became clear to me what my job was. That was nearly 20 years ago.

  Unfortunately, today’s education in Japan does not seem to establish this field as a specialty. Although he is a gardener or landscaping engineer, he has not been taught education related to urban planning (urban design) and architecture.

  When we engage in architectural design, we must be involved in landscaping. Architectural or regional involvement (city planning) and mid-range planning.

  Based on such experience, the venue composition of the outdoor sculpture exhibition is determined by deciding the dominant space that each work has, and making each person’s skillful interference. The ancestors say that individual sculptures dominate the space architecturally by abstract forms, but it is precisely the skillful coordination of the energy that each individual produces.

  Architecture, sculpture, painting, and music have been closely related to each other for the same purpose (religion, lord) since ancient times, but in modern times they seem independent and a little confused. It is time to integrate and collaborate, as you see in the Auckland Museum.

  I am not aiming for a second Dan Killy. I think it’s John of Zacharia. When a person who really learns about landscape comes, I think that there will be a completely new and interesting outdoor sculpture exhibition venue structure, and I myself would like to see it.