The 17th Contemporary Japanese Sculpture Exhibition

Urban Beauty and Sculpture-Ube is alive-

Kamon Yasuo

In the city of Paris last spring (April) to summer (June) 1996, from the Place de la Concorde to the Arc de Triomphe, along the sidewalk of the vast greenery of the Champs Elysées… On the Champs-Elysées main street, under the name of “Festival of outdoor sculpture: 20th century masters”, 50 magnificent works and magnificent magnificent events were developed.

It is a pioneer of modern sculpture and can be said to be a symbolic masterpiece Rodin’s masterpiece “Honore de Balzac Statue” and Bourdelle’s “Dying Centaur”, Mayor, Léger, Milo, Giacometti, Alp, Kalaw, or A large collection of 50 works (most of them in France) by writers who represent the 20th century and make sense regardless of nationality, regardless of nationality, such as Chillida, Dubuffet, Soto, Armand, etc. It’s an exhibition and a big parade-in the lush green of the day and in the rhythm of the flowing light at night…

Moreover, the exhibited works are… masterpieces and masterpieces representing each artist. Then, I brought most of these works that decorated Paris and breathed in Paris (except those that are too large to be concerned about transportation and impossible due to the loan period) to Tokyo in the fall, Tokyo It was exhibited inside and outside the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. Fortunately, because of the splendor of the content and the freshness of the exhibition form, more people than I expected saw it and it became familiar…At the same time, we once again asked about the outdoor sculpture exhibition in the city. It brought about a great stimulus and new discoveries of urban beauty in terms of beauty and sculpture.

Of course, in the Champs-Elysées in Paris or in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo, it’s not just a list or a collection. Each breathes into the atmosphere and talks with the surroundings. It seems to be terrible, but the works that live there are neither so-called monuments nor symbols. That means not only each work is excellent, but where and what to put. It is the same whether it is a venue for an outdoor sculpture exhibition or a permanent installation.

Now, the 17th exhibition of “Contemporary Japanese Sculpture Exhibition” by Ube City’s Biennale method is welcomed this year. A group of works that have been selected and exhibited here, and have received various awards, including Grampley. And although it was regrettable to be out of the award, the ones that were left in Ube by many people’s favor and enthusiasm, and those donated (all are prizes). In addition to the winning and winning works of the sculpture exhibition, works donated by various citizen groups are installed in Tokiwa Park, which was established as an open-air sculpture museum, in the streets of Ube City, in the open space, and in front of public buildings. ing. That number–I’ve never counted it again, but maybe it’s in the open air, maybe there are more than 150 sculptures that breathe in the open air, and of course, there are multiple artists, It can be said that it is the whole picture of today’s Japanese sculpture world and the phase of development.

Moreover, due to changes in the surroundings of the place where it is currently installed, there may be cases in which it is necessary to consider moving the work … saying that the city of sculpture ( Machi) It is unavoidable to revitalize Ube and make it breathe, but rather it can be considered a matter of course, and it can be said that it is also a major issue.

At the 17th exhibition this year, at the time of writing this manuscript, and before the screening, when I am not directly watching the work that has been brought in, I do not know who will win the grand prize and who will win the prize. .. As one of the judges, I dream about a series of works that are fresh, refreshing, and crisp.
(Art critic)