Message from Sculptors

佐藤圭一 SATO Keiichi

SATO Keiichi, who won the Citizen’s Award at the 25th UBE Biennale (2013) shared beautiful message for staying healthy and preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

He made sculpture “The space in the grandfather’s nostril” which has a story about grandfather.

Grandfather is lying on the pillow and dreaming. Viewers can look into his dream from the nostril and find out there are a vast universe inside.

In his message of Illustration, the grandfather and a child are sitting and looking up to the universe.

This Sculpture is installed in front of the old Kibe Elementary School in the northern area of Ube City.

Detailed information about the sculpture is in our database.

The space in the grandfather’s nostril

Inside of the nostril

A girl looking into the nostril