The 29th UBE Biennale - International Sculpture Competition

Live Streaming of the Preliminary Screening was finished.

Organized by Ube City, UBE Biennale Committee, Mainichi Newspapers
Sponsored by Ube Industries, Ltd.
Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Project for the Creation of Cultural & Art Hub 2021

Preliminary Screening
Announcement of the result

September 4th, 2021
Live Streaming will start from 1:30PM

*To prevent the spread of covid-19, Preliminary Screening is not open to the public.

Sculpture Model Exhition
Sunday, September 5 – Sunday, September 26, 2021
Monday, September 13 – Sunday, September 26, 2021
*Period has been changed due to preventive measure of the delta variant infection.
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Online Application

Thank you for many applications from all over the world.
We closed application form at 6PM on 16th August, 2021.

Please access to the online application form from the link below.

Sculpture Competition online application form (Closed)

Required document for application from overseas.

1. Photo or Sketch of your model

*Entry fee is free when you apply from outside Japan.
*You can save your application data while you are filling in the form, but please make sure to submit the data within 3 days.
*If you don’t receive our automated message after you submit your application, please send an email to ubebiennale

Submission Guidelines

UBE Biennale (International Sculpture Competition) is the nation’s first, large-scale outdoor sculpture exhibition launched in 1961 at the initiative of citizens in search for an improved post-war cityscape and richness of mind. Since its inception, the project played a significant role as the frontier of “urban revitalization through art.” For the 29th exhibition marking the 60th anniversary of the event and the centenary 100th anniversary of Ube as the city, 15 full-scale works and 40 models of the winning works will be on display, followed by the permanent installation of winning works of Grand Prize, Ube Citizens Prize, and other prizes in public spaces across the city. The City of Ube is very much looking forward to your ambitious works.

Application Period: From 9am on Tuesday, June 1, 2021 to 6pm on Monday, August 16, 2021
Carrying- in of models or photos: From Monday, August 23, 2021 to Monday, August 30, 2021

Preliminary Screening (Screening of work models):
Saturday, September 4, 2021

Secondary Screening (Screening of sculptures): Saturday, October 1, 2021.


The 29th UBE Biennale – Sculpture Competition –

Guidelines – English

Guidelines – Spanish

Guidelienes – Chinese

Guidelines – Korean

Applicant Eligibility

The competition is open to all individuals and groups, and amateurs and professionals for all types of sculptures. Each applicant can only submit one work.

Work Specifications

A) Entries must be original works, which have not been exhibited to the public elsewhere.
B) Maximum size of the actual work is 900cm (Total dimension of height +width +depth, including pedestal should be less than 900cm). Maximum weight of the actual work is 10-ton. The actual work must be able to be transported with a 10ton truck.
C) The sculpture should take into consideration the safety of the viewers. The materials and the structure must be suitable for an outdoor environment, be able to withstand wind pressure and earthquakes and be safe to touch.  Works that need frequent repairs or maintenance are not desirable.
D) The work should not infringe upon the rights of third parties.
E) Works that do not meet the above terms will not be presented to the judges.

Schedule of UBE Biennale

Preliminary Screening (2021): See pages 3 – 5 of the Guideline
1. Payment of Entry Fee and shipping fee, online application (deadline: Aug. 16)

2. Carrying- in of work models (Aug. 23 – 30)

3. Preliminary Screening (Screening of work models) (Sep. 4)

4. Model Exhibition (Sep. 5 to 26)

Secondary Screening (2022): See pages 6 – 7 of the Guideline
1. Submission of Work Descriptions (deadline: Nov. 30, 2021)

2. Delivery and installation (Jul. 19 – 29, 2022)

3. Secondary Screening (screening of full-scale works), Award Ceremony (Oct. 1)

4. Opening Ceremony & opening of Open-air Sculpture Exhibition (Oct. 2 – Nov. 27)


SAKAI Tadayasu (Chairperson) – Art Critic, Director of Setagaya Art Museum
SUMIKAWA Kiichi – Sculptor, Director of Iwami Art Museum
MIZUSAWA Tsutomu – Art Critic, Director of the Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura & Hayama
KAWAGUCHI Tatsuo – Contemporary Artist, Emeritus Professor, University of Tsukuba, Institute of Art and Design
SAITO Ikuo – Councilor of Yamaguchi Prefectural Art Museum
FUDO Misato – Deputy Director of Himeji City Museum of Art
FUJIWARA Teppei – Architect, Associate Professor, Yokohama Graduate School of Architecture
HINUMA Teiko – Professor, Joshibi University of Art and Design
TAKAHASHI Sakiko – Editor of Arts and Cultural News Department, Tokyo Headquarter of Mainichi Newspapers

Installation Committee

FUJIWARA Teppei – Architect, Associate Professor of Yokohama Graduate School of Architecture


– Ube Industries, Ltd. Prize (Grand Prize)  ¥4,000,000
(Sculpture Purchase and Model Purchase Prize)
– Mainichi Newspapers Prize  ¥1,000,000
(Model Purchase Prize)- Yamaguchi Bank Prize  ¥1,000,000
– Ube Chamber of Commerce and Industry Prize  ¥500,000
– Shimane Yoshika Town Prize  ¥200,000
– Yamaguchi Prefectural Art Museum Prize  ¥200,000
– Iwami Art Museum Prize  ¥200,000
– Ube Citizens Prize (UBE Tokiwa Museum Prize)  ¥2,000,000
(Sculpture Purchase and Model Purchase Prize)
– Yanagihara Yoshitatsu Prize  ¥500,000
(Model Purchase Prize and Independent Award Exhibition)

*For the winning works of Grand Prize and Ube Citizens Prize, the city will purchase the full-scale works and work models, and for Mainichi Newspapers Prize and Yanagihara Yoshitatsu Prize, the city will purchase the work models, all of which then becomes the properties of Ube City.
*Ube Citizens Prize will be determined by visitors’ vote during the final exhibition. If the winning work of the Grand Prize also wins Ube Citizens Prize, only the award title will be granted without the cash award.
* For Yanagihara Yoshitatsu Prize, an award exhibition will be independently organized in the City of Ube in or after the next year.
*The details and amounts of the prizes are subject to change.

Application Procedure

Payment (remittance) of Entry Fee and shipping fee

If you do not wish the model to be returned, please pay the Entry Fee only.

Entry Fee: 10,000 yen (for applicants living in Japan)
Entry from Students: Free
Entry from overseas: Free
*Applicants must request for exemption at online application

Return shipping fee: 3,000 yen (within Japan / including cost for packing)
*No payment of shipping fee is required if you do not wish the model to be returned.
Overseas shipping fee: Not fixed
*We check costs for individual cases and directly inform applicants.

Bank account is as below.
Swift code: YMBKJPJT
Bank code: 0170
Branch code: 029
Account number: ordinary account 6374281
Corporate principal: Yumiko TANAKA
Corporate name: UBE Biennale Secretariat
Name of the bank: THE YAMAGUCHI BANK, Ltd. Ube branch
Address of the bank: 1-1-11, Shintencho, Ube City, Yamaguchi Pref., 7550029, JAPAN

* Applicants must cover the bank charge.
* The Entry Fee and shipping fee, once paid in, are not refundable even when the work wins the competition.
* Please note that the application shall be void if the paid-in amount is insufficient.

Online Application

Please fill the entry form found at UBE Biennale Official Website ( Upon the completion of the online entry, you will receive the “Entry Number” via email.
*No amendment is allowed for the entered information once submitted.

Delivery of Work Models

The Preliminary Screening will be either made on the work models or photographs of the work models. Please deliver your work model to UBE Biennale Secretariat.

Items to be delivered: work models *essential
Please submit your work model either by Method (A) or (B) below:

(A) Submission of work model: Approx. 1/10 model (aggregation of three dimensions must not exceed 90cm) of the full-scale work.
*Please make sure to indicate the Entry Number on the bottom of the model.

(B) Photos of work model: Printouts of three photographs (taken from front and two other sides of your choice) of the model, each printed on A3 paper. We accept both vertical and horizontal images.
* JIS A3 paper <297mm x 420 mm>
* Do not frame the photographs.
* Indicate the Entry Number on the backside of the photographs.

* If there is a description to accompany the work, summarize it in single A3 sheet, indicate the Entry Number on the backside, and send it together with the model/photographs. The jury will use it as a reference at screening.
* We do not accept submission of images and description in electronic media, such as USB, CD-R, DVD, etc.
* Do not enter your name or any other information identifying you on the surface of submitted materials.

Delivery Method:
– Please submit the work model either by “direct carry-in” by the applicant or “delivery courier” to UBE Biennale Secretariat. Clearly indicate your Entry Number on the box or envelop and an image showing the work’s sides (top, bottom, and front).
– Please make sure to submit the model in a box or envelop for storage and return shipment.
* We cannot use courier for return shipment if the model is packed inappropriately.

– The Secretariat will not be held responsible for any damage on the model found at the time of delivery.
– The Secretariat will handle submitted models with utmost care from their receipt until return shipment but will not be held responsible for any damage due to structural or material characteristics of the model or force majeure.

Place of Delivery:
UBE Biennale Secretariat
Tokiwa Kosui (Lake) Hall, Tokiwa Park, 254, Okiube, Oaza, Ube City, Yamaguchi Pref., 7550001, Japan Tel. +81-836-51-7282
*All expense regarding shipping should be covered by applicants.

Period of Delivery:
Monday, August 23, 2021 – Monday, August 30, 2021   10am to 4pm
*The Secretariat will not be held responsible for receipt and storage outside the above timeframe.

Work Model Pickup

All works, except for the works passing the Preliminary Screening, must be collected by applicants in the following manner. You cannot collect them during the Models Exhibition.

Direct Pickup (by Applicant)
Period: 10:00 – 16:00, Tuesday, September 28, 2021 – Thursday, September 30, 2021
The place of pickup is the same as the place of delivery.

Pickup by Courier
Period: The Secretariat will send them out after Thursday, September 30, 2021.
* The flat rate of 100,000 yen will be applied to all models as insurance coverage.
* The Secretariat refuses to send the model by courier if the model has a structure not suitable for transport.
* Damage on the model during delivery must be notified to the Secretariat within 14 days upon delivery.

[Courier Service for Delivery & Pickup]
Nippon Express Hofu Branch, Yamaguchi Delivery & Mover Service Center
601-23 Asada Logistics Center, Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi, Japan 753-0871
Tel: 083-923-0230
Toll-free: 0120-154-022
Note: The Secretariat disposes work models not requested for return or is opted for direct pickup but is not collected within the designated period.

Preliminary Screening

The screening results will be published on UBE Biennale Official Website and on The Mainichi Newspaper. Applicants who passed the screening will also receive a written notice on a later date.

Judging day

Saturday, September 4, 2021
*The selection process will be open to the public.


1) 40 pieces will be selected as models to be accepted.
2) 15 pieces will be selected from among the 40 sculpture models as works for full size production.



Sunday, September 5, 2021

*The selected 40 pieces will be kept at the secretariat’s office until the end of the Biennale and used for planned exhibitions or education activities. After that, the secretariat will return the models of each artist.

Models Exhibition

All submitted works will be exhibited.



The 29th UBE Biennale - Models Exhibition

Period: Sunday, September 5 – Sunday, September 26, 2021
10am-5pm (Last entry 4:30pm) *Closed on Tuesdays
Venue: Tokiwa Kosui (Lake) Hall
Tokiwa Park, 254, Okiube, Oaza, Ube City, Yamaguchi Pref., Japan

Production of Full-scale Models

If your work is designated for the full-scale production, you will be asked to produce the work in accordance with the following steps and deliver it to the exhibition venue during the Period of Delivery.
* If you have submitted the photographs of the work model, please send the actual model to the Secretariat by Tuesday, November 30, 2021.
* Please let us know if you need to refer to the submitted actual model when producing the full-scale work.

Production Procedure

1. Delivery of relevant documents: The Secretariat will send you the Notice of Designation for Full-scale Production, together with Work Descriptions.
2. Submission of Work Descriptions:  Please fill in the Work Descriptions and send it back to the Secretariat by Tuesday, November 30, 2021.
3. Consultations: The Secretariat will consult with you about delivery, installation, structure, etc. based on the submitted Work Descriptions.
4. Progress Report: The Secretariat will check with you on the work progress. We will also ask you for your cooperation in providing us with necessary materials, as we publish the production processes as part of our promotion project.
* When a structural problem is identified in the work, we will ask you to rectify the problem upon consultation.
* If the produced work is significantly different from the submitted work model, the work may be excluded from the Secondary Screening.

Delivery & Installation

Period of Delivery: Tuesday, July 19 – Friday, July 29, 2022
* Except for Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday
Collection & Delivery: The costs for loading (by crane, etc.) at collection, transport (one 10-ton truck), and unloading and unpacking at the destination will be covered by the Secretariat as the shipping fee only for a single trip from the final production location in Japan or the port of delivery in Japan to the exhibition venue. The maximum coverage of the transportation insurance will be 1,000,000 yen.
* The costs for packing, special transport cost except for the above, and the shipping cost from the overseas port to the port of delivery in Japan will be covered by the applicant.
Foundation: The applicant will cover the cost for concrete, steel, and fixing tools (anchors, bolts, etc.). Other foundational works (wooden, etc.) will be covered by the Secretariat.
Place of Installation: To be determined by the Exhibition Committee.
Period of Installation: From delivery & installation to Thursday, November 30, 2023
The work will be on display after the exhibition closure.

Subsidy Payment

Applicants will be granted 1,200,000 yen as subsidy to cover the production cost. The amount will be paid in two installments before and after the production.
– Before production, at the end of October, 2021 : 500,000yen.
– After production, at the end of November, 2022 : 700,000yen.
*If, for any reason, the artist fails to exhibit work, the grant must be promptly returned. If the completed work is judged unsafe structurally, the grant must be promptly returned.
*The production cost includes the cost of the applicant’s travel (transport &
accommodation) to and from Ube City for the installation.


Pickup Period: Friday, December 1, 2023 – Wednesday, February 28, 2024
The Secretariat will cover the cost for the return of the work within the designated period only. The Secretariat will not be held responsible, however, for any cost or other liability for pickup outside the designated period unless there is an unavoidable reason, such as delivery to a cold region where transport in winter is extremely difficult.

Secondary Screening

The screening results will be published on UBE Biennale Official Website and on The Mainichi Newspaper. Applicants who passed the screening will also receive a written notice on a later date.

Judging day

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Award Ceremony and reception

Announcement of the winner and an award ceremony will be held. All the sculptors are required to attend the ceremony. *Attendees need to pay for the cost of transportation and accommodation.
Saturday, October 1, 2022   6pm – 8pm
To be announced.


15 sculptures and 40 selected models and will be exhibited.

The 29th UBE Biennale

Sunday, October 2 – Sunday, November 27, 2022     9am-5pm
Venue: UBE Biennale Sculpture Hill in Tokiwa park
UBE Tokiwa Museum, 3-4-29, Nonaka, Ube City, Yamaguchi Pref., Japan


A) The organizer reserves the right to display and use images of the works for educational and publicity purposes and reserves the right to produce and sell goods (for example postcards) using images of the works.
B) General Photography of both the models and full size works during the exhibition is permitted (for non-profit and personal use only).
C) Positioning of purchase prize winning sculptures in town in Ube City is determined by the positioning committee and the secretariat. They will be repaired, relocated or removed when necessary.
D) The secretariat will use personal information for its own purpose only. The secretariat may announce the name, country or city of residence, and the age of the winners.
E) The Secretariat will look after the works on display with utmost care during the exhibition period of the full-scale works (i.e. for the duration of the final exhibition and display after the exhibition) but will not be held responsible for damage caused by natural disasters or other force majeure.
F) Any matters unspecified in above rules will be discussed, when necessary, and determined by the secretariat.


UBE Biennale Secretariat
Tokiwa Lake Hall, 254, Oaza, Okiube, Ube City, Yamaguchi Pref.,
7550001, Japan
9am-5pm(except weekends and holidays)